Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Where Did the Week GO????

Its been a week since I last posted and I've achieved nothing that I can see.

I have been working on making a tapestry into a cushion for a friend and a latch hook into a wall hanging.

I've done some work on my sister, Carmel's, 50th birthday present. but not alot else.

It has been quite warm here (35 -39 degrees C) and I don't function well in the heat.

We had our first CAPITAL Stitchers meeting on Sunday. It was a general sewing day and very enjoyable. I started on my recycling project for the craft show in August. We have decided to investigate the possibility of a bus trip to the fabric shops in Cabrammatta, in Sydney. Apparently there 15 or so shops all in the one area. We are looking for a 16-22 seater bus, that can tow a BIG trailor.

Something I did do last week was sign up for my CIT (Canberra Institute of Technology) course in Clothing Production Cert 1-111. It is part time, Monday and Wednesday Nights. I'm really looking forward to it. My first night is Mon Feb 9.

Back to my birthday, I took a picture of my water bottle cover.

Well, Nick went back to school yesterday, so I have to go out this morning and pick up text books and the like. Didn't get the list until yesterday.

Plan to come home and do some stitching.

Also going to try and add a list of sites that I like visiting or am interested in. I can't remember how I did the other ones so that could be 'fun'.

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