Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Yesterday was much better than Sunday.

I got my toy finished

This is for Annabelle Louise, born 2.04pm (qld time), this afternoon, weighing 8 lb 12 oz.
It was a pain in A$$$ to make but I'm happy with the result. It is Bambino from Melly & Me.

I got my name badge finished, started on the cushion. Did dishes, washing and ironing.

Today I washed more clothes (when we move to our farm, we are going to have 8ft fences and going without clothes. {thinking about it, I wouldn't have to worry about housekeeping either, then because we wouldn't get any vistors}), before getting stuck in Jewel Match 2. Iwin games should come with a warning.

I did get out and photograph my supplies for my ASG group recycling display. We want before and after shots.

There are 4 prs of jeans, an old blanket and old blockout backed curtins. Hopefully they are going to be made into a 'quilt as you go' type picnic rug. I've got until August. I'll try to post my progress.

Off to do more dishes before bed.

I'm experimenting with my medication at the moment. The last 2 times I have taken my anti inflammatries (sp?) I have found it extremely hard to get going the next day. I'm not taking them tonight, to see how I wake up tomorrow. It will be strange if it is the anti inflamms, because I have be on them pretty regularly for the past 8 years.

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Nise said...

Love Bambino Very Very cute.

I cant wait to see the quilt as is comes along. Keep the pics coming.