Friday, February 13, 2009

10 Days This Time

But they have been pretty hectic.

Our pup-dog, Muffin, had to get a tumour removed and is now getting around with a cone on her head. She'll properly get used to it by Monday, when it is due to come off, when her stitches come out.

Until then, she is tripping up stairs, getting her head stuck in her food bin, and leaving bruises on the backs of my legs.

We have had the terrible fires in Victoria and I feel pretty useless. I'm helping put together craft and needlework kits for some therapy for craft minded fires survivors.
I have to say, that in the midst of the whole tragedy, I get a warm fuzzy from the way Australia has risen to the cause. 14 sea containers of clothing, blankets, furniture etc and 2 semis of unperishable food, have gone from Canberra alone. The public have given something like 60 million dollars and business's and company's are putting in whole days profits as well as donating goods.

On another front, I have had my first 2 classes of my Cert 1 - 111 in Clothing Production. I hope it keeps being as interesting because I've learnt heaps just in the 2 lessons.

Jumping to another subject, I have been collecting fabrics for a 'Pansy' quilt for about 8 yrs now. I'm planning on doing a braid panel quilt. I did a quick count and I have approximately 84 different fabrics. I have 4 more that I want to get and that 'might' be enough. Some of the prints may need to be 'fussy cut' as the flowers are big and I want a recognisable pansy, in each strip. The strips are going to be a finished size of 2" x 6 1/2".

Carmels present is coming along but it won't be finished for her birthday. One of the Aussie girls from the 123 MB, parents lost their house in an earlier fire and I'm contributing to a quilt we are making for them. Carmel will understand.

Well, until I next get on here, stay safe.

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