Saturday, February 9, 2008

OCD - Who Me????

I used close to 1000 pins to pin Christos' quilt. I had to borrow some from Judy. I know it is over kill but I HAD to have a certain number to each square. My left hand thumb is cursing me.

I had a bit of a shocker yesterday, pain wise. I ended up taking a total of 4 Tramal 50mg and 2 Panadol Rapids. I knew the pinning would hurt a bit but I paced myself as much as I could with the deadline I have given myself. Oh well. Feeling better so far this morning.

Damien and I are off to the Multicultural food festival thats on in town today. We try to go every year. I really enjoy sampling foods from all over the world.

It will be a good de stress day, I hope. I have to fly to Brisbane on Wednesday because my mother is going into hospital to have a heart value replaced. I haven't spoken to her in about 2 years but its not something that I would like to go through alone so up I go.

I have booked a serviced apartment across the road from the hospital, with laundry facilities in the room so I will be able to do mums washing if needed.

Well off to shower and get ready for the day.

1 comment:

Chiloe said...

I hope you are feeling better with your pain ... Have a good trip to see your mom: hope evrything go well ;-)

Now your family knows what to offer you for christmas: pins !!! lol