Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Rest of My Life as at Today

I have been doing other things besides working on the craft room.

I have started a course in Audio Transcription. I need to get my typing speed and accuracy up as well as completely revise Microsoft Word. It should keep me busy.

Damien and I have been walking our dog, Muffin. After 10 years we can finally walk her without her being sick. The vet recommended a 'Halti' which goes around her nose. Its great. We are walking about 3.75km (according to Dame's GPS) in 40min. Sometimes I walk an extra kilometer, with Judy, in the morning.

Craft wise, I am ready to start sewing the Thomas the Tank quilt for Christos and the Strawberry Shortcake cross stitch, for Mia is coasting along as well.

Here is a picture as of 21 Jan

This is what it should look like when its finished.

I have some Strawberry Shortcake fabric and I'm going to make it into a pillow.

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