Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saturday - What Will the Weekend Bring???

Probably more of the usual. I already have a load of washing to hang out and at least 2 more to do.
In an effort to exert myself more, I'm putting the washing just outside the laundry door and walking backwards and forwards to the clothes line. It takes longer but it more steps on the pedometer.

I'd like to do some work on a quilt that I'm trying to make for my nephew, Theo. There is also the new dress, I want to start on.

I want to list some more on Oztion and 'stocktake' my DMC.

Sitting here is not doing anything so I'd better go.

Before I forget. My weight, at my weigh in yesterday, I was 68.4kg. I lost 600grms. I'm pretty happy with that considering that I had only been with the program 5 days AND I had lunch just before I left AND its that time of the month which always means more weight.

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