Friday, October 19, 2007

Well, So Much For THAT Idea

Well, that didn't work..... obviously. A month has almost gone by and I haven't blogged once. (sigh)

I have been doing a little bit though.

While having NO luck losing weight, Judy and I decided to start on the Betty Baxter Weight Management Program. I have never done one of these before but thought "What the heck". I weighed in, last Thursday, at 69kgs. As my FIL was coming in for the weekend, I didn't actually start until Sunday, though. I'm heading down to the chemist shortly for my first weigh in.

The program hasn't been too hard. I have problems eating as many times as they want me to. In fact while typing this I realised I have forgotten to have lunch. Also I'm sooooo heartily sick of the 'non-taste' of water. I've been managing to get my 2 lts in per day but it is a struggle. I'll have to buy some diet cordial (Yuck!!!).

Judy and I have made a pact that we'll stick it out until Christmas, at least. We'll see how we go.

On the crafting front, I've achieved little but I'm happy with what I have done.

Here is the latest picture of Judy's present.

I have also started making my new curtin for the craft room. Made a door stop, for the craft room and start on a 'thing' to go on the wall, again for the craft room.

I have started listing on Oztion again, in the never ending effort to get rid of some of my stash which I (and the house) have out grown.

Anyway, must go and do lunch.

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