Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thurs Again

I missed yesterday completely but did a bit.

Day got off to a 'great' start, having to go down to the school and do a 're-entry' interview with the principal and others. The culmination of Nicks behaviour on Tuesday was a half day suspension.

Up side was that I got to have a good talk with a couple of people who have alot to do with Nick at school and was able to put forward some ideas for him that they agreed to try.

On to the rest of the day.

I went to the gym. It took me about 45mins to go through my programme but I think that I'm ready to try another set of each exercise, so I'll take longer tomorrow.

I fell off the stash wagon, yesterday. I took some wool and a pattern to my local wool shop to get knitted into a scarf because I just wont have time to do it. I ended up walking out with more wool, a pattern for a felted handbag and a beautiful book of crochet and knit afghans. Not to stop there, I popped into the 2nd bookshop at the same center and picked up a book on rug making from rags.

Good thing Terry is moving out. I need his book shelf. I have 'acquired' some really nice books lately but I'm seriously running out of room.

Anyway, back to Wednesday. I got 2 loads of washing done, all the ironing and some stitching. Judy's present is really coming along.


Today, I plan to

  • do 30 mins on the bike. The display is working again.
  • wash the linen
  • do more ironing
  • do dinner this morning (beef strog is always better when it has sat for awhile)
  • check Nicks jeans. He may have grown into them, height wise and I mightn't have to take them up. Dreams are free.
  • and last but not least, stitch.

So on that note I'd better get started.

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