Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saturday... What Happened Friday

What happened Friday???

Terry's visa for Sweden came through and we went to the embassy to pick it up. Then I went to the gym. I did the extra set of each exercise but didn't do all my ball work. I was later getting there than I usually am and towards to end these guys came in and were yelling to each other across the gym. I wasn't comfortable so I left, not quite finishing. I know now when to avoid the place.

I went shopping afterwards. I really needed some new pants to wear at the gym. As all I'm going to do in them is sweat, I didn't want to pay too much. It was hard to find anything under $40. Finally did and then had to do my 'favourite' thing, try on clothes. Yuck!!!

I don't know if it was the extra sets, the walking around looking for pants, the trying on of said pants or (d) all of the above but I was really sore when I got home. To the point of 'tearing up' a couple of times.

I just went and crashed for a couple of hours.

Did a load of washing, and some stitching.

Here is an update of Judy's present.

I've put it away for a bit so I can 'do' some purses.

They are basically covers for post it notes, in the shapes of handbags. I'm doing them for a fair in November, to raise money for brain injury research.

I fell, off the stash wagon.... again :( My name is Susan and I am a stash-a-holic, it has been 12hrs since my last S.E.X

Anyway, I really want to these:

and I had to order the speciality fibres from os, Nordic Needle. I also ordered a computer program called Organised Expressions. It is supposed to be a data base for stash. I need to do something!!!!

Today has been uneventful. Did a load of washing, laid in bed and read for a bit and started on my next purse.

Terry leaves this evening for a week or so in Sydney before he flys out. I now have to turn my mind to rearranging some rooms.

His is the biggest bedroom so I'm going to turn it into a craft room/study and turn the study into a guest room. Maybe that will encourage him to live somewhere else when he gets back. I lost my craft room last time and have stuff everywhere.

Anyway, going to get the washing off the line and do some more purse.

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