Thursday, August 2, 2007

Still Thursday - 11.25pm

Just thought I'd update before I went to bed.

I was slack and didn't do any exercise at all today. No stretches or anything.

Sat and watch 1 hours tv after taking my pain killers. Got up and was much better. Ended up hanging out 2 loads of washing. Filling about 6 buckets of water and carrying them to where they were needed. Giving the ensuite a good clean as well as getting some solid stitching in.

All in all, a good day after a bad start.

Off to bed now. Tomorrow I will upload my progress on Judy's present.

I plan to do the menu, shopping list and shopping by 10.30am and trying to get to the gym in the afternoon. Got nothing major planned for Saturday, if it is too much, I'll rest up then.

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