Monday, August 6, 2007

Mon, Aug 6 - I'm Back, I'm Back. I'm on the Right Track

Well, after a bit of slackness, I'm back.

Just to update, quickly.

Friday I woke up with a scratchy throat. Got the menu, shopping list and shopping done. And came home feeling like 'CARP'. I decided that I had done enough weights for the day. Shopping from shelf to trolley, shopping from trolley to register belt, shopping from register belt to trolley, shopping from trolley to car, shopping from car, up 2 flights of stairs, into house. Yep, definately enough weights.

Throat was worse, anyway as well as my back 'screaming' because of my abuse of it, so I took myself off to bed. Woke up feeling worse again but sat up to watch some Rugby League and stitch had dinner and a big dose of garlic tablets (hoping that would knock the sore throat on its A).

Went back to bed only to wake up at 2am, bright as a button. Ended up stitching and going on line for a couple of hours.

Nothing exciting on Saturday, though I did manage to get a picture of Judy's present, to date.

On Sunday, we were up bright and early for a 'quick' trip to Hilltop (about 2 hrs away). My niece, Emma, had bought a sewing cabinet off ebay, she lives in Mackay, so we are storing it until she gets some way worked to get it up to her.

We got home at about 3.15pm after leaving at 7.00am. Damien likes to take the scenic route. I do too, but my back doesn't like it any more. I, always seem to fall asleep and wake up sore.

We got home and I needed to get 'horizontal' to get the kinks out. Wasn't intending to but slept for 3 hrs.

Went back to bed at 11pm and was up at 8am and it was still a struggle to get out of bed.

Now, finally, today. So far I've done a load of washing and hung it and been to the gym (told you I was back on track). Weighed in this morning at 68.5kg.

Now I'm off to make a couple of phone calls, iron, take up Damiens pants (yes, I know I keep saying that), put clothes away, cart, some water and do the dishes. Hopefully all before 3pm because I am picking up Nick from school to take him shoe shopping and to 'do' coffee. Some 'us' time.

Well, wont get anything done here.

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