Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Could I get any Slacker?????

Yes, I'm in a 'funk'. No Motivation what so ever.

I'm having to force myself to do anything.

Its been 2 weeks since I last up dated.

Quick up date.

I missed the gym once last week and haven't been yet this week.

Terry, eldest DS, has left for Sweden. There was a bit of a drama when he got there. He hadn't realised that he couldn't use his Readicard over seas and had lost his pin number for his VISA. In other words, no access to cash. Not sure what's happening but after one phone call to his father, we haven't heard any more so he must have sorted it.

On the stitching front. I've got another 3 purses in various stages of completion. No photos yet.

I put them away for a little while to work on something for me.

I'm working on this slow time, just when the mood hits me.

Here is what it will (should???) look like when its finished.

I am doing it on 25ct lugana over 1 as recommend. What you see done is only about 6cm square and there are about 21 colours used already. Like I said, I stitch it when the mood hits me.

Having said that, though, I enjoy every stitch. There is no way it can be rushed so I just take my time. I find it very relaxing, even with all the colour changes.

The mood left me last night so I pulled out Judy's Blue and White Still Life to do some more on that.

Been cleaning out and cleaning up as I re arrange the house to accommodate my craft room.

I'll put some before and after pictures up as I can.

I've been shopping. I have one of these on order.

I can't wait until it gets here!!!!!

I have great plans but can't seem to get anywhere. I go to do one thing but can't do that until something else is done, which can't be done until I do something else. If you get my meaning???

Well Rome wasn't built in a day, I suppose.

I weighed myself yesterday. 68kgs. While I'm happy with that, I can't help but wonder what it might have been it I'd actually done some work.

I went to my rehab people on Friday and did a functional assessment. Lifting weights from different heights, doing fine motor stuff with my arms in different positions etc.

I didn't feel too bad overwards. It wasn't until I got the to shopping center that I lost it. My back went into spasm.

I find that if my pain levels get too high, for me, I get extremely tired, to the point where I can't think of anything else but getting to bed and sleeping.

This happened Friday. I was fighting falling asleep all the way home. I was in bed at 2.30pm but I had to get up to take Nick to work at 4pm. While the spasms had stopped, I was just aching from just below my bum to the top of my neck. Back in bed by 4.30pm and slept again until about 6.30pm. No, I didn't take any pain killers. The last thing I wanted was to put something in my stomach. Picked Nick up at 10pm, was back in bed by 10.45pm and slept until 8.30am Saturday morning.

Woke up still aching but not as much . Took a Tramel and 2 Panadol Rapids. Found my endurance was greatly reduced. I had to sit and rest after I had a shower and after I had hung out a small load of washing. Took Nick to his psyche appointment, did some shopping then came home and slept the rest of the day.

Sunday was much the same.

Yesterday was better, pain wise, but the mental funk had hit. It wasn't until Judy came over at around 11am and asked me to over for coffee that I had a shower and got dressed. Getting out, even just next door helped though. I came back, did some washing, and sorted out a heap of craft leaflets. Got really motivated in the afternoon and went downstairs to trim back the grass that is over running my bulb garden. Bad move. By the time I went back up stairs my back was really hurting. I puched myself to stay out of bed. Took some pain killers and just pottered around and stitched until about 9pm when I decided it was almost bed time. I wanted to ensure I went to sleep quickly so I downed 2 glasses of sparkling wine in quick succession before I went to bed.

Woke up this morning still in my funk, but forced myself to get up when Damien got my cup of tea. (To coin Maggie Anne from the 123 MB) I faffed around on the computer for a bit before going to have a shower. In there I decided to that I was going to go for a walk, something I haven't done for more than 12 months. It wasn't far and I really felt it. I kept getting pins and needles in my feet. But mentally, I felt good.

I think thats about it.

And I've just about finished scanning in some charts that I'm going to PIF on the MB.

Well timed, really.

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