Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Aerobics Done!

Well today I did 21 mins. Thats up on the 13 mins last time, but I still can't believe how hard I find it.

Weight bearing exercise is certainly alot harder than my bike. I know, I know, tell you something you didn't know.

While I remember, my weight yesterday was 68.5kg still, so I am maintaining if nothing else.

So far I've done the washing, finished another purse as well as the aerobics. I don't think I'll be doing the floors but there is a heap of ironing I can do instead.

Right now, though, I need a cup of tea. Toffee today, I think. Made with leaves, in a pot. It's nice to be civilised occassionally, even if no ones else sees it.

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Chiloe said...

Thanks for the link of your blog !!! I'll check your updates: for the exercice ;-) Just kidding: I like to see your WIP !!!