Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Well Another Week is Gone :/

I've still been having problems with my pain levels from the functional assessment but my 'downer' seems to be gone. Could have something to do with increasing my anti-depressant dose. I know I shouldn't do this on my own and I never have before in the 6+ years I have been on them. My official dosage is the lowest dosage possible, which is quite less than most people I know. I took the 'punt', it seems to have paid off. I'll go to the Dr and just check with him that its OK to stay on the higher dosage.

On the gym front. I have been twice this week. Today was quite hard. My back is really tender to the touch. Just the waist band of my pants and my bra strap hurt me when I was on the mat. Anyway, I did it and felt better for it.

As far as my weight goes, I've decided that I don't care anymore... And if you believe that, you'll also believe me when I tell you that my underwear weighs 500grams and that if I shaved my legs, I'd lose at least another 500grams. All of these I tried to convince myself of when the scales showed 69.5kgs on Monday morning.

So far today apart from the gym, I have done a load of washing, and hung it out, cleaned all my water buckets, brought 6 buckets of water in and folded some clothes.

No stitching, yet, but I have been working on some PC bookmarks for the fair in November. The purses were a great idea but I'm having real hassles finding beads to match what I have stitched.

My craft room is coming along. I'll post some progress pictures when I can. It is at a bit of a stand still at the moment though while I wait for my sewing cabinet to arrive.

Anyway, I think that enough for today.

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