Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Part 2 of "A Day at the Zoo" - Sue Meets a Cheetah

These are the best of my 'meet-a-cheetah' pics. Damien bought me this experience for my 40th birthday, January. You get 15 mins in with the cat. The zoo has 2, 1hr sessions in a day, and they take 8 people through each session. The young guy with me, got his for his 18th birthday.

The zoo is privately owned and recieves nothing from the government in the way of funding. The money they get from general entry, this and a couple of other one on one things, is what they have to run the zoo as well as try to do their part in bringing some species back from the brink of extinction(sp). The keeper was telling us that they would like to try breeding the cheetahs but if they do, they'll have to stop the 'meet & greets' for awhile. At 16 people per day @ $165 per head, thats alot to lose out of your budget.

As you can see, I was pretty happy to be there. She was beautiful. She was purring at one stage and she sounded like a Harley going down the nearby highway.
Its something I'll alway remember.

My friend,Bernadette, made me an album for my birthday, so I'm going to get the best pictures of the day printed and I'll put them in that album as a memento of my 40th.

Back again tomorrow, still in catch up mode.

I have pictures from the Australian 123 Stitch message board Get ToGether (GTG) to post. It was a fabulous weekend.

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Chiloe said...

You look much younger than 40 ! :-o
You are so mucky to have seenthose animals from so close ;-)