Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Long Time, No Blog

A little bit has happened this I last wrote. One of which was my visit to the National Zoo & Aquarium. Damien had bought me a gift certificate for 'Meet-a-Cheetah' and we decided to make a day of it. Here are some of the photos and goings on.

This guy hadn't been there when we walked past about 20min before. We had searched all the trees in the enclosure and didn't see him. The box he is in is on its own in a tree a little separated from the rest. The look on his face had me imagining thought bubbles above his head. "Yes, I'm here now.", "Yes, I'm cute.","Will you hurry up with the photos already","I don't get enough leaves for this."," 20mins every 2 hrs, is it the end of shiftyet?"

Yes, I realise that I humanise animals to much, but they don't seem to mind and I have fun.

Obviously Lions and Snow Lepards. The ledge the lepards are on is appartently one of their favourite daytime spots

This tiger was absolutely beautiful, and he knew it. He had a path he was parading up and down earlier and he would pause and the end where the people were, like he was posing for photos. There was another tiger in an enclosure next to him that I tried to get a picture of but I'm sure he was playing games with me. I would spot him, get into position for a great shot, he would look straight at me, then turn his back, lift his head and just saunter off to stop with a tree or something between us. (Whats that saying about being ignored by a cat???) This happened twice so I'm sure it was deliberate on his part. I took the hint and let him win.

These are a few of the 'Brat Pack' I think there are 7 of them, all male white Lions.

If they are the 'Brat Pack', these 2 could be the 'Bratz'. 2 White Lion girls which the zoo hopes to breed with the boys. They weren't actually on display but I have a good zoom on my camera.

The height if the giraffe, is a real eye opener. This one was Rosie, apparently. There was a little boy and his Gran, standing near us and the boy asked Gran,what the giraffes name was. They went through, Geoffry, Jeremy and Gerald but then he decided on 'Rosie'. She looks like a Rosie to me too. For all their size, they seem to be a very elegant animal.

"You lookin at me??!"
This fella was quite a character. We could have watch him for hours.

The bears seemed very happy to have their photos taken. This one just lounged there, changing the angle of his head once in a while, all the time with that cheeky grin on his face. His mate was at the other end of the enclosure with one of the keepers. The photo was taken through perspex so its not the best.

And so must end part one of 'Our Day at the Zoo'. With uploading photos and trying to format, this much has taken 2 hrs. Maybe if I spent more time blogging, I'd learnt how to work it better. I hope this has published in a format that will make sense.

I'll be back with the cheetah pics when I can.

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Chiloe said...

it's funny how your bears looks a lot like a bear I saw in a zoo here !!!

I liked the end of the shift comment !!! lol