Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Not a Good Start But....

Heres how I went, yesterday. Not real good. Wasn't (and still aren't) feeling the best. Feel sick when I do eat, feel sick if I don't eat. Been happening on and off for about a month now. I suppose I should have it looked into.


Goals for Monday, 18 May
  • Finish Bernadette's patterns
  • Ring for Neurosurgeon's appointment
  • Wash cargo pants fabric for class, on Wednesday
  • Work on Recycling Project for the Craft & Quilt Fair in August
  • Washing
  • Photograph project's that I'm currently working on
  • Blog
Well, that doesn't look as back as I thought it would (red being what I didn't get done), considering I also had a bit of organising that needed doing for last nights CIT class. Um, I'm a bit more motivated for today now.

Goals for Tuesday May 19
  • Clean Ensuite, mainly shower
  • Work on Recycling Project for the Craft & Quilt Fair in August (see pictures below for progress)
  • Sort out ASG Memebership
  • Ring Bernadette
  • Washing (again : / )
  • Work on Knitted Wrap (hopefully have pics of that tomorrow)
  • Iron Cargo Pants fabric
I think that will do. I will quite possibly be unable to do anything after the cleaning of the Ensuite, anyway.

Other stuff

Back in January I posted about a Recycling display that 'my' chapter of the Australian Sewing Guild, Capital Stitchers, is putting on at the Craft and Quilt Fair, in Canberra, August.

There are 4 prs of jeans, an old blanket and old blockout backed curtins. Hopefully they are going to be made into a 'quilt as you go' type picnic rug.

Here is my progress. I was planning on using one of the fancy stitches on my new sewing machine to sew the hexagons together but can't find one I like so I'm just going to whip stitch or ladder stitch them. This photo was taken yesterday morning and I have done more since then.

Well, must get on with the day.

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