Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Well, That Worked!!!

Looking at my list from yesterday, I'd say I was successful.
  • Found Book (as I mentioned yesterday)
  • Did about half my homework from class
  • Got old machine packed up and new one ready to play with (thats going to be fun)
  • Finished unpicking wall hanging, its ready for attemp no. 2
  • Made a start on sorting out craft room (it will probably be back in the same state by the time I get back to it but at less I can see the floor now)
  • Kitted up AND started the "S" for Melissa's quilt
  • Washing AND ironing
  • Tidied lounge room
  • Brought in 2 lots of water
Pleased with all that, now whats on for today????
  • Want to photograph my progress to date on my birdhouse project, also want a picture of one of my favourite Christmas presents
  • Finish my cube
  • Sew roof to walls of Bird House
  • Post off present to Grahame and Helena (Bambino toy show on Jan 27)
  • Reseal and put away wool storage bags (vacumm space savers)
  • Vacumm main living areas
  • Mop Kitchen and Foyer
I'll have to factor in some nap time somewhere, as I had a s!@t nights sleep. So much so I was actually up from 4am for about an hour. I have class tonight and want to be able to concerntrate.

Before I start all this though, I'm going to have a little game time. I have to beat my sister, Cathy, at Jewel Match 2. I know, I know...priorities!!!

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