Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Well, Colour Me Will Powerless!!!!!

I'll get back to the title shortly.

Mums surgery went well. The wonders of modern science. The Thursday night had her in ICU with tubes coming out of everywhere (and I mean everywhere). They had cut open her chest, cracked her breast bone, taken her heart out and played with it a bit (doctors words) put it all back together and sewn her up. By the next Wednesday, she was sitting up, in a car, being driven home. Amazing when you think about it.

OK, back to the title.

I just read my last post and finished with my hand over my mouth, literally, in shocked disbelief. I had totally forgotten part of my 10/25/50 challenge 'fine print'. Didn't remember until I read it.

Since Feb 13, I have been to Newcastle, to help a friend with her stall at the Craft and Quilt Fair. Need I say anymore???????

Ok then.

I added to my stash.

I bought two stitchery patterns, one for a mug bag and one for a sewing bag and accessories. An applique pattern with a teapot and cup. Some fabric, that I liked, some really, really discounted xs charts and kits. How could I walk past a L&L for $2.00 and kits for Royal Doulton figurines for $1.00????? And I added to my pansy patchwork fabrics.

Lets see if I can justify any of it......

I have fabric for the mug bag stitchery so that could kind of fall into the something to finish off a project (can't finish it if I don't have the pattern)

I bought the discounted stuff with the intention of selling it on Ebay or Oztion.

And the pansy fabric is to into my pansy quilt that I am planning. Haven't decided on a pattern yet but I already have 1/2 tonne of pansy fabric and I definitely needed more pansy fabric to put with it to be able to do my quilt.

Whew, not as bad as I thought.

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