Friday, September 7, 2007

Friday Again

Yesterday was good. I got washing and ironing done. A fair wack of stitching on Judy's present. I'll post a picture tomorrow when I take one for the 123 MB WIP thread.

Went next door to check on Judy's husband, Ron. Judy is in Sydney at the moment, looking after her Mum, after some surgery. Ron has had some bad turns where he has fainted and stopped breathing. I check on him, though out the day. Its hard to do it without seeming to. Yesterday, I took over an old tin with a nice blue and white design, that I thought Judy might like.

Wednesday he goes to do some charity work at the hospital, so I listened for his Harley leaving. Just keeping an ear out and having some excuses up my sleeve, in case I haven't seen or heard any sign of him for a while. Seems to be working.

I didn't go to the gym this morning but I did get on my bike at home. I did 19kms in 46.45 mins. I was happy with that.

Not a lot else going on. I have a load of washing to hang out then I might stitch some more before doing some more ironing.

I finally bit the bullet and bought some software to help me organise my stitching stash. It's not quite as detailed as I would have liked but I think that I can work with it. It will just take some thought before I plunge in.

Anyway, off to hang washing and make a cup of coffee.

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