Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Better Late than Never

I didn't get the picture of Judy's present taken until last night. I had to keep doing just one more little bit. You know how it is.....

But here is the latest update:

Here are some other things that I have been working on:

They are bookmarks. They have a back on them and you slide them over the corner of the pages. I'm doing them for the same fair that I was doing the purses for. They are alot quicker to stitch.

I'm trying to keep busy on the stitching front because I'm at a stand still with my new craft room until my cabinet arrives and the new top is put on my cutting table.

I have worked out how to use my Organised Expressions best, for me. I have been loaded things into it, slow time. You can have pictures associated with each record so, of course, I NEED pictures of everything. I want to have my books and mags listed, as well as any charts out of them that I think I may one day want to stitch. I think my OCD is showing but I'm having fun. Getting some extra exercise, too. I put a picture on to scan, go off to do something else than come back and put another one on.

Speaking of exercise, I went to the gym yesterday and upped all my weights by 1 set. I only had troubles on the lat pulldowns so I split the sets up with those.

Off now to 'jump' on my bike here at home. I have an episode of DS9 to watch.

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