Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Wed 1 Aug - 12.55pm

Late getting here today but I've done a bit.

Been to the gym. Rode for 10min. 1.7km (I think it is kms) as well as some weights.

Managed to save some money. By forgetting to take my purse with me to Officeworks.

Posted Sandy's threads and Christine's auction buys.

Did a load of washing and hung it outside. It was so mild, temperature wise, this morning, that I only had a t-shirt and trakkie daks on.

Because the cold makes my back seize up, like water did to the tin man, I don't hang my washing out much during winter. Up until this year, I have used the dryer for everything.

This year, in the interest of the environment and saving money, I have been using a 4 tier clothes airer, placed next to the heating duct in the dining room (which we rarely use). As I have actually been more sensible with my heater use this year AND managed to dry the clothes with out the dryer, hopefully there will be a drop in our energy use.

I think it my OCD coming out. I'm turning lights off, all the time. Leaving it to the last minute to turn them on. Not turning them on at all in some cases. After all, if I don't know where everything is by this age, when I'm in the shower, then how much is a light really going to help.

And water use, don't get me started. To give you some idea, I'm timing my loads of washing around how many times, I think, the toilet will be flushed in the next 24hrs. I'll explain that one more another day.

I'm off to get the washing off the line and then sit, stitch and watch Firefly and Star Trek Enterprise. Gotta love Foxtel IQ

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