Saturday, July 28, 2007

Another Day. I Wonder What it Will Bring???

So far today I have done a load of washing and hung it out. I tell you when the kids leave home we are moving north to a house surrounded by 8 ft high fences. Then I won't have to wear clothes!! That should save on the washing.

Also lugged some water buckets inside. In the interest of saving water (and money) I have been saving water from my washing machine and then using it to flush my toilets. It is a little labour intensive and my back doesn't much like it, sometimes, but I really think that I will see a big difference in consumption on the next account. On the back side of things, I pace myself and make sure to be evenly balanced. I haven't had too many problems, so far. (Typed while touching my 'block' head).

I finished a Margaret Sherry cat from a coaster kit, last night and I'm going to try to put a picture here. I'll see how I go.

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