Sunday, May 31, 2009

In Case You Haven't Realised.......

..... I've given up on daily lists. I was spending time blogging them that could be better spent completing them.

I haven't stop doing things though. In the last week I have worked on my 'picnic rug'. It is coming along really well and has even had a couple of name changes. I decided to do a hall runner instead of a picnic rug, as I actually need a hall runner. For the Craft Fair, though, its going to be a kitchen mat. What I have done is already close to the right size and it will show off what I'm trying to achieve. I'll finish the kitchen mat, put it aside but keep cutting and sewing hexagons together. I'll just sew the 2 pieces together after the fair.

My knitted wrap is almost finished.

My PJ pants for my Garment Production course are coming along, right on schedule (something new for me)

Damien has been busy, cleaning, vacumming and mopping this weekend so all I'll have to do, this week is washing.

I'm off to a Laura Benini shoe party this afternoon. Not to buy just to help with catering. I have made another Lattice Slice and tried to make an Apple Slice. (I may have to get something from Coles to replace that. I'm not real confident about it.)

Thats about it, no pics but hopefully there will be some this weeks, of finishes, hopefully

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((()))for my friend...thats why I do a monthly