Friday, May 15, 2009

I Lost an Hour

I went to check out Mandy's blog, Crafty Stuff, noticed the words "Cutest Blog on the Block" in the corner and 'clicked' on them and that was an hour ago. I have had a little play and know there will be many hours spent there.

Anyway, AGAIN, catch up mode, This time the Australian Girls from the 123 Stitch MB Get Together, in Victoria.

It was a wonderful weekend. I'm still rhapsodising (I know I can't spell) over it. I swear Damiens's eyes are starting to glaze over at the sound of a few words like 'the farm', 'George', 'Kristeen', 'cakes', 'alpacas', 'Wynedotts'. I think you get the idea.

I have a few pictures, none of the other girls OR stitching (I got 3 stitches done all weekend) but I have asked Coral about using the photos she has and will post those when or if I'm able to.

This is Ruby Rose. I think this is a particularly good photo. I had a 'few' attempts, with her 'up close and personal' assistance, before managing this one.

See what I mean????

If I had have pushed the button just a second or so later, this one would have been of her tongue. Calf 'slime', I was to have more en'cow'nters with it.

Here is Rodney. He was a little shy.

Like I said, more cow slime. At one stage he was sucking on all four fingers and I thought I was going to have to stay an extra day or so, to get my wedding rings back, if you get my meaning ;) When I put my hand in the water barrel, it felt like the 'slime' was about an inch thick all over it.

It was lovely to get so close to the animals. I had a bit of a hard time thinking of Rodney as a boy, though. Aren't all black and white cows, girls???? Yes, I know... not when they are bulls. But he was so sweet. Then again so was my youngest DS at an comparible age.

This is one of four alpaccas that belong to Kristeen. She has another 4 who are waiting for their owner to get a new home, after the January fires. I didn't get 'his' (I'm loathe to say 'its' ) name.

At the time, this was the newest member of the Club Yellingbo Magical Barnyarn and Circus. Megan was born on the Monday before the GTG. She is a week old here.

I had read that alpaccas were used to guard sheep, in some countries. It was interesting to see that in action.

Megan and her mum, Baa Baa Raa, were in the paddock with Kristeens alpaccas. Melisa and I went down, I was trying to get the calf pics. Where ever BBR and Megan moved in the paddock, the alpaccas put themselves between us and the sheep. I didn't even notice, but I tested it out, after Melisa pointed it out to me, by moving around the outside of the fence. They weren't at all hostile, though I'm told that would have changed if I'd gone in without Kristeen, just keeping watch.

One of Kristeens 6 cats, Cleo, right before she tried to rip my face off. Kristeen had been referring to her as something like "the wicked demon cat from hell", but she seemed quite approachable and I can never resist the chance for a cat fix. As you can see, all looks pleasant. I have my dumb "Oh what a cute puddy" look on my face, she was purring and drooling. About a minute after that she swiped me. Only got my wrist but the marks only went yesterday. I should have known that Kristeen would know what she was talking about.

AND this is George! Isn't he beautiful??? I'm usually quite scared of large dogs (let alone huge ones like him) but from the first time I saw him, I felt safe with him. We had a couple of nice long pat sessions (by my standards, probably not his) over the course of the weekend. I almost 'wore' more than one cup of tea from him coming in from behind me, as I sat at the table, and sticking his nose, followed by the rest of his head, under my armpit for a hug.

Well, that about covers my photos. It was a great weekend. It was wonderful spending time with likeminded people, seeing everyone projects and just putting faces to names. If there was anybody who didn't have a good time and feel a part of it all, they mustn't have been trying.


coral said...

Lovely photos Susan and yes you can take the people photos from my BLOG. We had a GREAT weekend didn't we !...Wanna

Gordons journey said...

Umm, that is Curly Alpaca! :) The others are Larry, Mo and Sequoia. :)

I'm so glad you had a good time Susan. I had a blast with you all here. :)

And please just remind Coral why we DONT pat Her Royal Highness Queen of Evil, too often!!! :)

Great blog too, love those Cheetah pics.