Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sun July 29 - 10.50am

Well, its Sunday. A day of rest...Ha!

But firstly, an update on yesterday. I was planning to do heaps, not sure where it went wrong but didn't really achieve much at all.

I think it was the walking. I had to drop Nick at his psyche appointment and had 40 mins to kill. I decided to do some 'mall walking'. I had on my comfy boots but they have a heel of about 2 cms. Maybe that was too high for brisk walking. Anyway, walked for 15 mins before getting sore (back starts to spasm). Slowed it down and did about another 5 mins. Mentally I felt good for doing it but physically, not so good.

Came home, took some Panadol Rapid, my drug of choice. I then started to organising my cross stitch mags. I have been getting a heap of World of Cross Stitch back copies from Eve on Isle of Man and the last came on Friday. The pile is quite large, I'm trying to get them all into folders.
After that I pulled out some more threads for Kristeen. There is bending involved with that which didn't help my back. Then I rummaged through my stash to get out what I need for Judy's present.

All got too much, drugs weren't working so I cat napped on the lounge, for about an hour, until I had to take Nick to work. Then came home and hit the sack for a couple of hours.

Like I said nothing achieved.

Now back to today.

I have washing up to do because I seem to be to only one who knows how to turn the taps on, or maybe its the plug that has them confused. Either way if I don't do it, its not going to get done.

I have already folded some washing, brought in some water, and scanned and printed the chart for the working copy of my next cross stitch project.

I plan to iron and do yet more washing. I have a pair of Damiens pants which need taking up. I'm dreading that because I took the last pair up too far. Good thing they weren't expensive.
I'll see how far I get.

I'm off to get dressed and do some stretches.

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